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The telecommunication industry has been affected by a radical changes as it is being driven by the market, and in particular by a new breed of consumer that demands instant access to information whenever they want, wherever they are. Already, there are six billion mobile devices in use globally. By 2020, experts expect 50 billion mobile devices will be connected to the Internet. As a result, demand for data services will increase 26 times by 2015 and result in a surge of network traffic that requires massive infrastructure investment.

We help wireless service providers, cable and satellite operators drive toward high performance in a converging digital environment. Ultimech offers several services, from marketing and sales to network and infrastructure to help start-up, small and corporate companies reach their highest potential. Our solutions generate growth, achieve business goals and cost efficiencies, improve customer retention and service. Our expert team defines by research analysis the high performance business program that fits the company’s objective.