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Managing IT infrastructure can easily overwhelm in-house resources. Ultimech helps organizations optimize IT staff and resources. Our solutions design and build the best models for Internet Data Centres (IDC) and overall IT infrastructure systematically and efficiently. We analyze customers’ activities and evaluate any business risk. We will help to reduce these risks by implementing cost-effective solutions.

Aside from people, information is probably your most valuable asset. Protecting it is a major challenge. Our experienced team of security experts can design and build security solutions tailored to our customers needs. Thanks to our vast experience, we help customers plan and build a standard framework, determine security requirements and customize solutions for building the security infrastructure. Our approach helps enterprises to determine suitable measures to guard against attacks before they happen, ranging from security review to examine security for platforms, vulnerability assessment to assess the security status of platforms, system hardening to reinforce security, as well as security policy definition and review to set security requirements and directions.

Network infrastructure is also the key to connecting IT systems and regional and global offices of modern enterprises together. It supports enterprises in the areas of internal and external communication, day-to-day business operation and business growth. To sustain the business development activities, enterprises need to employ experts to take care of their network infrastructure evolution. Ultimech offers an integrated set of network integration and deployment services  allowing customers focus on their core business. Thanks to our proven expertise and team of talented professionals, we help customers build robust trust environments by integrating best-of-breed security solutions.