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Ultimech deploys and delivers successful electronic device for its customers. From product concept to specification, design through production, we are with the client each step of the way providing information, expertise and experience.

The Ultimech Engineering team works with customers to first understand the product and process and then develop product specifications from their exact needs including but not limited to functional requirements, new features, and product packaging. These specifications become a road map to client’s final product ensuring that it meets the exact requirements. Our knowledge in developing electronic device allows to brainstorm product features, current needs, future needs and to enhance product specifications to balance features versus cost. Our business intelligence analysis together with our customer’s requirements brings a product with features that meet today market needs as well as tomorrow, giving to our clients the right advantage over competitors.

We design product including Electronic Design, Printed Circuit Board Layout, and Mechanical Design including 3-D Modeling. Once the design is completed, a prototype is manufactured and tested using our rigorous testing standards as well as any other testing requirements. A prototype is then delivered to our clients for their own testing and approval. From hardware to software, we work hard to deliver the best product that meets our client’s needs.