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Ultimech develops customised eCommerce solutions and offer design, build, SEO, marketing, sales and e-fulfilment services to suit customer’s requirements. We can design online business, from adding a simple shopping cart to building a global vertical industry. Our team of experienced ecommerce developers has deployed innovative, graphically attractive, easy to navigate, user friendly websites for many customers having different business setups and requirements.

Our e-commerce solutions are built to make our customer’s life as easy as possible. We provide a fully managed solution from site design to e-fulfilment. We deploy our e-commerce sites to integrate fully with our specialist partners from payment providers, fraud prevention or e-fulfilment.

Good e-commerce site design will dramatically improve end-user conversion rate, brand recognition and sales. The core essentials of our e-commerce design process are to;

  • design sites to appeal to well researched target audiences.
  • develop attractive page layouts to clearly communicate the benefits of the product, inform viewers with information to enhance the sales effort, convey static page information such as returns policies and offer a simple, uncomplicated check out process.
  • design a fully manageable navigation system.
  • include an intuitive, expandable Content Management System (CMS) to easily enable updates and sales management.
  • research, build and develop a robust and secure link to payment providers, e-fulfilment and statistic providers.
  • include a search engine friendly CSS build to optimise the website’s ranking in the major search engines. Our intelligent and informative back office facilities are very easy to understand and facilitate in what to do next.
  • allow to see detailed information about who placed the order and includes an easy-to-use inventory editor which will link with store’s order tracker making inventory management simple.
  • Provide registration process; if required a separate wholesale as well as retail registration process.

 Hosting is on servers that are Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, carry a full SSL certificate and can integrate with most of the major payment providers. The platform will allow to take payments from all major credit and debit cards.

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